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The Quintessential Wizard: D&D 4th Edition

MGP5204 The Quintessential Wizard: D&D 4th Edition published by Mongoose Publishing

MGP5204: The Quintessential Wizard: D&D 4th Edition is on Sale

Each Quintessential book is a complete toolkit for players, dedicated to a single character class or race.

Raw magic power: the essence of all true fantasy role-playing games. In a world where magic permeates all aspects of daily life, a wizard is the undisputed lord of arcane lore. If you think that a wizards only way to express his true might is by casting a mundane fireball, take a look at THE QUINTESSENTIAL WIZARD and think again!

In this book you will find a brand-new origins system, over 70 new powers, new rituals, 14 paragon paths, new feats, four new arcane implements, and many magic items specifically designed for arcane casters, including runes. Your wizard will be truly unique and will be able to choose from a wide range of options. This book also features guidelines to play your wizard in combat and non-combat situations, organisations that may help or hinder your efforts, and new rules to build your perfect mansion, a magical tower to keep all your treasures and secrets.

Price: 4.99
       (RRP is 14.99)