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The Others Board Game: Wrath Box Expansion

CMNSSN006 The Others Board Game: Wrath Box Expansion published by CoolMiniOrNot

Anger, hatred, ruin. They are all coming with the Wrath Expansion for The Others. Players can now face off against the embodiment of fury. Wrath feeds off of the violence that players create. Every time they kill a monster in battle, the Sins player can move another monster on the board, closing in on the heroes with every step. This pack includes new Old Town tiles, new Upgrade cards, and a slew of new figures including a Wrath controller, Wrath Abominations, and of course, Wrath itself. Players will need to control their anger and deal out death with caution if theyre going to defeat this Sin.


  • 1 Wrath Avatar Figure
  • 1 Wrath Controller Figure
  • 6 Abomination Figures
  • 1 Sin Board
  • 12 Sin Cards
  • Price: 19.49
           (RRP is 23.99)

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