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The Others Board Game: Envy Box Expansion

CMNSSN003 The Others Board Game: Envy Box Expansion published by CoolMiniOrNot

Envy is like a disease that eats away at people. It turns friends into enemies and the have nots against the wealthy. As players try to work together to stop the coming doom in The Others, Envy will infiltrate them, making it harder and harder to accomplish their goals. Whenever a hero gains an Upgrade card, they must choose to take a wound or all other players get a Corruption token. Sin cards further complicate things for the heroes by offering them terrible decisions to make that will mean sacrifice for the good of the team. Will they be able to work together or will the green-eye monster destroy them?


  • 8 Highly Detailed Miniatures
  • 1 Sin Board
  • 12 Sin Cards
  • 3 Sin Dice
  • Price: 19.49
           (RRP is 23.99)