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The Others Board Game: Dice Pack

CMNSSN012 The Others Board Game: Dice Pack published by CoolMiniOrNot

CMNSSN012: The Others Board Game: Dice Pack is Out of Stock

In The Others: 7 Sins, the world stands on the brink of apocalypse, as the fanatics of the Hell Club have summoned the 7 Deadly Sins to lay waste to our reality.This is not a stand-alone game.

This is an accessory for The Others: 7 Sins.

Slowly the Others have creeped into our lives, corrupting society from within. The city of Haven is the key to their invasion, but it will not go down without a fight, thanks to the actions of the paranormal organization known as F.A.I.T.H. (Federal Authority for the Interdiction of Transdimensional Horrors).


  • 6 Custom Dice
  • Price: 5.49
           (RRP is 6.49)