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The Others Board Game: Delta Team Box Expansion

CMNSSN009 The Others Board Game: Delta Team Box Expansion published by CoolMiniOrNot

The Others: Delta Team Box is just what fans of the game need to expand its universe. There are five new heroes with ice water in their veins, ready to take on whatever Sins get thrown at them. The town just a got a little bigger with five new map tiles. Players can now visit places like the castle, the war memorial, and the library in their pursuit of evil. There are also 12 upgrade cards included with six totally new upgrades like the Laz Blades or the often helpful Liquid Courage. This pack is a must-have for players ready to take the next step in The Others.


  • 5 Hero Miniatures
  • 5 Hero Dashboards
  • 12 Upgrade Cards
  • 3 Hero Dice
  • 5 Tiles
  • l6 Chief Acolyte Miniatures (3 sculpts)
  • 6 Corrupted Musician Acolyte Miniatures (3 sculpts)
  • 1 Maps Leaflet
  • Price: 26.49
           (RRP is 32.99)