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The Adventurer's Almanac

GMG4373 The Adventurer's Almanac published by Goodman Games

Set a date for adventure with The Adventurers Almanac! An entire years worth of adventure awaits you inside its pages, complete with magical items, interesting personalities, strange festivals, and dangerous sites to explore, all presented in a system-neutral format suitable for any fantasy campaign. The Adventurers Almanac also includes a fantastical calendar to bring structure to your game seasons loaded with more than 300 adventure seeds and a complete astrological system that gives characters personality traits, interesting benefits, and troublesome disadvantages to contend with. Suitable for any fantasy roleplaying game, The Adventurers Almanac is the perfect resource for any game master lacking in that most precious of commoditiesTime, itself.

Price: 17.99
       (RRP is 20.99)