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Tanks Skirmish Game: German Tiger (Desert) Expansion

GFNTANKS35 Tanks Skirmish Game: German Tiger (Desert) Expansion published by Gale Force Nine

The Tiger was an interesting tank to design, as there is little to no difference in stats between the two Tigers but there were some striking differences in the models themselves. Nevertheless, we decided we wanted a desert Tiger and so we continued researching looking for any differences. In the end we decided that since this Tiger represents the earliest version we will make, that we would be content to lower its Initiative and Damage Capacity by one each and bring its points down to 29. This reflects the tankers inexperience with the Tiger and that the design continued to evolve and improve into the later production model already represented in TANKS. It also gave us a new interesting option for players to field.

One of the most obvious differences between the Tiger tank models (other than the Zimerit) are the massive Desert Filters on the back of the tank. We wanted to showcase these in an upgrade that protected the engine of the Tiger tank, which gave us a new engine upgrade card, as there are few of those in the game presently.


  • 1x unassembled Tiger tank
  • 1x Tiger tank card
  • 1x Hero card
  • 2x Crew card
  • 2x Upgrade cards
  • Price: 5.49
           (RRP is 6.99)