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Symbaroum RPG: Adventure Pack 2

MUH050551 Symbaroum RPG: Adventure Pack 2 published by Modiphius

MUH050551: Symbaroum RPG: Adventure Pack 2 is Out of Stock

Adventure Pack 2 includes two stand-alone adventures dealing with what happens when careless individuals dig too greedily and too deep into the black soil of Davokars past. The first adventure, The Fever of the Hunt, revolves around an excavation site somewhere in the woods where the explorers are at risk of breathing life into an age-old battle that can have disastrous effects on everyone living in or near the area. The second adventure takes the player characters to the town of Kastor, where a more contemporary fight has just been settled, giving the winners a chance to put their fiendish plan in motion. In both cases, the characters will be up against mighty opposition and their actions will undoubtedly have consequences for the future of both Ambria and Davokar.

Featured content:

  • The town of Kastor and the dig-site Salindras Hope as detailed adventure landscapes.
  • Full color maps of the two landscapes.
  • A couple of powerful mystical artifacts.
  • New rules in the form of rituals, monstrous traits, elixirs and an introduction to the extremely powerful form of collective rituals called Ceremonies.
  • More than a dozen colorful NPCs and creatures
  • Price: 13.49
           (RRP is 15.99)