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Star Wars RPG: Edge Of The Empire Dangerous Covenants Sourcebook

FFGSWE08 Star Wars RPG: Edge Of The Empire Dangerous Covenants Sourcebook published by Fantasy Flight Games

FFGSWE08: Star Wars RPG: Edge Of The Empire Dangerous Covenants Sourcebook is Out of Stock

In the Star Wars universe, you should always be prepared for violence. From cantinas full of scum to hungry wampas looking for a snack, plenty of things in the galaxy are spoiling for a fight. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is fight back.

Dangerous Covenants is a rules supplement for Edge of the Empire that focuses on helping you fight. New specializations, talents, guns, armor, and vehicles provide a host of new options for players, while GMs are bound to find the advice on themes of cinematic combat and how to organize exciting combat-focused encounters and adventures very useful.

This book features new content for the Hired Gun career, including new Hired Gun centric Motivations, Obligations, and backgrounds. Just because a character is a fighter doesnt mean he cant have a deep and interesting backstory, and this book helps players create that for their characters. Meanwhile, Hired Gun characters (or any character, actually) can pick up one of three new specializations. Enforcers, Demolitionists, and Heavies offer three new choices that add a lot of variety to the Hired Gun career.

In addition, Dangerous Covenants also introduces two new, high level advancement opportunities in the form of the Hired Guns signature abilities. These abilities are career specific talents that a character can only access once theyve spent a lot of time and experience investing in a specialization. In return, however, they offer Hired Guns some really potent abilities that can change the course of an entire battle.

Of course, no Hired Gun is going to head into battle without a trusty weapon of some sort. Whether you want to deal out destruction with a heavy weapon like a flechette launcher or a plasma missile, or if youd prefer to dominate a back alley brawl with a pair of vibro-knucklers, Dangerous Covenants has you covered. In addition, the book introduces some new ships, ranging from small, single-seat starfighters to full-sized cruisers.

When it comes to GM advice and guidance, Dangerous Covenants has a whole range of suggestions. These range from practical details (if a Hired Gun is actually working as a Hired Gun, how much are jobs like protection, mercenary work, and sabotage going to pay?) to overarching campaign guidance, and everything in between.

Price: 19.99
       (RRP is 23.99)