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Star Wars Bespin Assault Playmat

FFGSWS32S Star Wars Bespin Assault Playmat published by Fantasy Flight Games

FFGSWS32S: Star Wars Bespin Assault Playmat is Out of Stock

Immerse yourself more fully in the Star Wars universe even as you battle for the fates of billions over vibrant, full-color images of the galaxys most iconic locations. Legal for tournament play of both X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada, our 3' by 3' Star Wars Playmats are easily portable and made from slip-resistant natural rubber, ensuring that even while your games are packed with drama, there's no drama for your valuable miniatures.

Dont let the rusted, light-soaked clouds of the Bespin Playmat lull you into a false complacency. Cloud City was home to some of the most pivotal moments in the Galactic Civil War. Now you can imagine new adventures set against a gorgeous full-color backdrop of Cloud City hovering at the edge of Bespins red and orange skies. Race full-throttle through the starlit heavens as you dodge laser blasts and fire your proton torpedoes at enemy starfighters, or deploy your fleet to seize control of Bespins valuable supply of tibanna gas.

Price: 31.99
       (RRP is 36.99)