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Sorcerors Of Ur-Turuk RPG

ARISOT001 Sorcerors Of Ur-Turuk RPG published by Arion Games

Sun, sand and Magic! This new D6 system-based RPG plunges you into a world of dark sorcery and burning skies.

Take a strong dash of Persian mythology and desert culture. Add in desperate Sword and Sorcery excursions into the burning desert, towering ancient temples and the fear of dark and terrible Gods. Finish off with group-style play (where every player has multiple characters), a powerful flexible freeform magic system and a rules set based on the classic and proven D6 system.

This book provides all of the rules needed for years of gaming, and also includes a concise guide to the city of Ur-Turuk and the surrounding lands.

Price: 12.99
       (RRP is 15.99)

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