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Soldier Emperor: Deluxe Edition

APL0042 Soldier Emperor: Deluxe Edition published by Avalanche Press

Between 1803 and 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte lent his name to an entire age. Soldier Emperor covers the entire sweep of the Napoleonic Wars from 1803 to 1815, as fleets and armies clash from Ireland to Persia. Military, economic and political factors come together in a game playable to completion in just a few hours.Soldier Emperor includes eight scenarios plus a campaign game covering the entire era. Play ends on a pre-determined turn or when a player has achieved his or her conditions for automatic victory, whichever comes first.


  • 180 ultra-thick one-inch-square tiles representing fleets and armies
  • 165 regular pieces representing leaders and markers
  • 64 high-quality, poker-style playing cards
  • Eight full-color player aid cards (one for each player, plus one for all)
  • Two-piece map, 28 inches by 40 inches
  • 36-page rulebook, 16-page scenario book
  • No. of Players: 2 - 7

    Duration: 240 to 480 minutes

    Price: 62.99
           (61.42 after automatic discount!, RRP is 74.99)