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Savage Worlds RPG: Weird War I: Player's Guide (Softcover)

S2P10620 Savage Worlds RPG: Weird War I: Player's Guide (Softcover) published by Studio 2 Publishing

S2P10620: Savage Worlds RPG: Weird War I: Player's Guide (Softcover) is Out of Stock


The world is at war! Its time for your hero to join the soldiers, sailors, marines and all-new airmen in the greatest war the world has ever known! Fight for glory in what is sure to be a short and mannerly conflict, then come home with a chest full of ribbons to win the kiss of your best gal or guy! That was the pitch. Now you find yourself knee-deep in mud and corpses on some forsaken battlefield in northern France. The sergeant blows the whistle. Its time to stand up, fix bayonets, and give the enemy hell in one of the most horrible wars ever to deface the worlds fields and forests. Your country is counting on you, soldier. Over the top you go

The Weird War I Players Guide contains everything you need to make and equip characters from all the Allied and Central powers. Youll also find a batch of grisly Setting Rules for this most terrible of conflicts, the history of the war, and all the details you need to embrace dark and arcane secrets that may alter the outcome of the War to End All Wars! Requires the Savage Worlds Core Rules to play, and the War Master needs the Weird War I War Masters Handbook as well.

Price: 13.99
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