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Savage Worlds RPG: Horror Companion

S2P10502 Savage Worlds RPG: Horror Companion published by Studio 2 Publishing

S2P10502: Savage Worlds RPG: Horror Companion is Out of Stock

Take your Savage Worlds games to new depths of darkness with the Horror Companion. With new rules for signs and portents, buckets o' blood, ritual casting, sanity, and gear, this tome of terror is bound to spice up your creepiest settings.

Add in a whole series of Setting Rules, over a hundred new monsters tailor-made for horror but useable anywhere, and general tips for keeping the right tone of terror in your setting, and it becomes an absolutely must-have.

The Horror Companion is designed to extend the reach of your Savage Worlds games into the most frightening recesses of gaming, but it isn't a stand-alone product. It's designed to work with a copy of the core Savage Worlds rules.

Price: 10.99
       (RRP is 12.99)