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SCS: It Never Snows

SCS: It Never Snows

MP516: SCS: It Never Snows is Out of Stock

It Never Snows is an SCS (Standard Combat Series) game covering Market Garden (Arnhem) during World War II. The Allies are attempting to seize bridges across the Rhine and Meuss Rivers. The game will span 5 maps and 840 counters to be the largest SCS game published to date.

The Standard Combat System is a "simple but not simplistic" game system. There are rules for fog of war, supply, artillery barrage, and air power. All of this in a very easy to play, quick playing system.

It Never Snows will be the monster game of this series. As such, it will be one of the simplest monster games available.

No. of Players: 1 - 2

Price: 67.99
       (66.29 after automatic discount!, RRP is 79.99)