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Runewars Miniatures Game: Wraiths Expansion Pack

FFGRWM25 Runewars Miniatures Game: Wraiths Expansion Pack published by Fantasy Flight Games

As the forces of darkness gather in the Mistlands, the restless dead join the command of Waiqar the Undying. The embodiment of nightmares, the Wraiths, have declared for dreaded lord of the thirteenth barony. Now, they creep across the battlefields of Terrinoth in Runewars Miniatures Game!

The Wraiths Unit Expansion includes four Wraith figures and two Plastic Cavalry Movement Trays as well as a collection of tokens, five upgrade cards, and one Condition card to customize your army of the undead. By adding these deadly specters to your armies, you will strike fear into the bravest Daqan warriors and win the day for Waiqar the Undying!

Price: 19.49
       (RRP is 23.99)