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Raid And Trade Board Game: Cora The Specialist Expansion

MGA026 Raid And Trade Board Game: Cora The Specialist Expansion published by Mage Company

Cora the Specialist is an expansion character. Originally from Hawaii, her knowledge of survival and hunting were taught to her from a young age by her father. Once a demolitions expert in the military, she worked with mercenaries all across the country , until she found herself outside the Golden City

Cora is the 6th character of Raid & Trade and in this expansion, you will discover a new ability. The ability of detonation! Cora traps the Houses during the game and the Survivors who will try to raid them, they will suffer the detonation effects. The rules of how to use Cora are included in the rules of the base game. She is one of the extra characters you will discover step step in this post-apocalyptic world. More expansion characters will follow in the future.

Special Note: For those who have a copy of War on the Streets here is a tip. Cora would be a useful character in some of the scenarios of that expansion. There are scenarios focused on co-operative play or increase the combat element. Each scenario requires some specific characters, so make sure to choose wisely.

Contents: 1 board, 12 Item cards, 2 Detonation tokens, 1 Combat die, 1 Miniature.

Price: 11.99
       (RRP is 14.99)