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Ptolus - The Night of Dissolution

WW16115 Ptolus - The Night of Dissolution published by White Wolf Publishing

Picking up where Chapter 33: Adventures in the Ptolus book leaves off, the adventures in The Night of Dissolution cover an arc that pits player characters against the darkest foes the city of Ptolus has ever faced. Following the threads of a hidden conspiracy, the characters find themselves up against insane cultists, wild chaos magic, and horrors from the primordial days of the world.

This adventure book is laced with urban intrigue, high action, and even some dungeon exploration. Some highlights include:

  • A description of Pythoness House, a haunted oracle and brothel that hides a trove of weapons vital in the fight against the Cults of Chaos.
  • A huge secret temple of chaos where insidious fanatics worship the dreaded Galchutt.
  • Details of a city-wide network of covert spies and agents that extends even into the highest echelons of Ptolus' elite society.

    These adventures culminate in the player characters' attempt to stave off the Night of Dissolution, a dark time long foretold when the slumbering Galchutt will awaken in their hidden lairs deep below the cityand bring catastrophe and woe to the world.

    The Night of Dissolution comes as a bonus PDF product on the CD-Rom included with the Ptolus book. This product is a print version of the book.

  • Price: 10.49
           (RRP is 11.99)