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Polaris RPG: Equinox

PAIBBEUSPOL02 Polaris RPG: Equinox published by Paizo Publishing

"You have got to see this city at least once in your lifetime, to be crushed by its majesty." statement of a Red League diplomat, during his first visit to Equinox.

Could you picture having the City of London, the Shanghai International Port and the United Nations Headquarters in one gigantic submarine? That would be an unfair summary of what Equinox really is. Discover the underwater city of Equinox, this huge octahedron with its many levels that floats on the Rockhall Threshold. Learn more about its population and way of life and the most important locations. This supplement also gives you more information about the Cult of the Trident, their power and intrigues and lets you start exploring Equinox right away with the short adventure "Industrial Espionage!"

Price: 13.49
       (RRP is 15.99)