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Polaris RPG: Character File (Single)

PAIBBEUSPOL04S Polaris RPG: Character File (Single) published by Paizo Publishing

A gaming aid for all players of Polaris Roleplaying Game!

It introduces in a few pages the world and timeline of the game, and resumes the major factions and the most important nations of the Deep.

The helpful summary of character creation and basic combat rules helps players and GMs alike speed up the gameplay!

On the eight pages dedicated entirely to your characters abilities and equipment as well as your progression you get plenty of space to detail your adventurer! The woodfree paper lets you write and erase on the pages!

This booklet is aimed at Polaris RPG players:

  • Map of the World of the Deep
  • Character creation summary
  • 8 page character sheet
  • Essential Rules reminder
  • Price: 3.49
           (RRP is 4.49)

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