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Pathfinder RPG Module: Gallows Of Madness

PAI9552 Pathfinder RPG Module: Gallows Of Madness published by Paizo Publishing

Something wickedand monstrousis stirring around the rugged Isgeri town of Saringallow, where the hated legacy of noble Chelish diabolists runs deep. With the recent disappearance of apprentices, the nearby menace of particularly grotesque goblins, and the unsettling buzzing coming from the old Sarini estate, Mayor Sandra Trinelli only knows one thing: she needs help, and fast! The heroes must confront one of these crisesor all threeif they hope to stem the darkness that looms. Gallows of Madness is a 64-page, highly versatile collection of three adventures for 1st-level characters. Geared toward beginning GMs and players while retaining challenging content for veterans, these adventures can be prepared quickly and run separately or in any order. Bonus content includes new monstrous foes and a gallery of NPCs to help connect the adventures, plus a gorgeous double-sided regional and miniatures-scale tactical map!

No. of Players: 4 - 6

Levels: 1

Price: 10.99
       (RRP is 19.99)