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Pathfinder RPG Module: Broken Chains

PAI9539 Pathfinder RPG Module: Broken Chains published by Paizo Publishing

PAI9539: Pathfinder RPG Module: Broken Chains is Out of Stock

Slavery is legal in the sprawling city of Katapesh, but some slavers are worse than others. Somewhere below Golarion's darkest markets sprawls a hidden warren of particularly vile gnoll "traders" who must be stopped! When a Twilight Talon of the Eagle Knights goes missing, the player characters are granted leave by Katapesh's eerie masters to take up arms against what would otherwise be "legal business" in the unforgiving city. But more than mere slavery is taking place in the deep, dark chambers below the sandy streetsfor those captured and sold by the gnolls are destined for an altogether more sinister fate than simple servitude.

"Broken Chains" is an adventure for 6th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and compatible with the 3.5 edition of the worlds oldest RPG. In addition to the adventure, this volume also features a brand-new monster and a fully detailed slave auction (suitable for destruction) that can be used in any fantasy campaign!

No. of Players: 4 - 6

Levels: 6

Price: 8.49
       (RRP is 9.99)