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Pathfinder: Oathbound Eclipse

EPB1002 Pathfinder: Oathbound Eclipse published by Epidemic Books

Eclipse it is called... a land at the top of the world, the whole of which lies in an impossible crater, a massive break in the earth. Shunned by both suns, the land knows only shadow. This is a domain of wild fungus forests, impossibly deep caverns, ink-black seas, towering cliffs, and shimmering cities. Here are long-forgotten horrors that defy description, hiding in the darkest of dark places. Here are lawless tribes and decadent bohemians. Here are reckless pioneers, hoping to bring order to this realm that they might profit from its treasures. Here are forbidden secrets, held deep within the shell of the Forge. Here I have walked, at times as a blind beggar, others a thoughtful scholar, and on rare occasion my seraph self, gathering knowledge, personal accounts, illustrations, histories, rumors, and artifacts. I have drowned myself in politics and plant life, spoken to children, kings, warlords, and even those few who could destroy one such as me. All that I have complied here-from my disparate writings and humble illustrations to the works of slaves, concubines, and conquerors-is presented for your pleasure.

Epidemic Books is proud to announce the rebirth of Oathbound, the legendary setting from Bastion Press, expanded and continued by the original authors. No rehash of old material, Eclipse picks up right where Oathbound left off, taking players to new realms and new heights. The imagination is the only limit.


  • Full color, Pathfinder compatible sourcebook
  • Immersive, in-world approach, deliciously readable
  • New races and classes for Eclipse
  • A new system for werran and vampire characters
  • Expanded rules for vision
  • Full description of the domain of Eclipse
  • Monsters, spells, maps, magic, and more
  • Price: 17.99
           (RRP is 21.99)