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Pathfinder: Heroes Of The Fenian Triarchy

FWF201 Pathfinder: Heroes Of The Fenian Triarchy published by Four Winds Fantasy Gaming

FWF201: Pathfinder: Heroes Of The Fenian Triarchy is on Sale

Come to the Fenian Triarchy!

  • Play as Boggards, Feykissed, Grippli, Half-Elves, Humans, or Lizardfolk!
  • Visit the legendary distilleries of Greenwall, the evershifting City of Boats, the grand markets of MacCool, or walk the green in Siobhan.
  • Train as a warrior poet (barbarian), otherworld druid, wild huntsman (ranger), whisky runner (rogue), cunning-folk (wilder method), bog witch, taseck (vitalist method), or vate of Chiuta.
  • Select from four new swamp-related feats.
  • Marvel over a dozen new herbal remedies and tools,
  • Select from even more spells, wondrous items, and psionic powers.
  • Check out the shops extensive equipment lists and make sure you pick up your bottle of Fenian whisky.

    There are adventurer tools for everyone in the Fenian Triarchy.

  • Price: 1.99
           (RRP is 9.99)