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Pathfinder Companion: Varisia Birthplace Of Legends

PAI9425 Pathfinder Companion: Varisia Birthplace Of Legends published by Paizo Publishing

PAI9425: Pathfinder Companion: Varisia Birthplace Of Legends is Out of Stock

Never has a land needed heroes more than Varisia. There, at the edge of civilization, barbarians clash with dark armored invaders, foul creatures lurk within the hearts of titanic monuments, and daring explorers unearth the secrets of a forgotten age of wizard-tyrants.

This definitive guide equips players with all they need to face Varisia's dangers and mysteries, as well as dozens of new options for playing characters native to this wild regionperhaps as a mystical thundercaller of the Shoanti barbarians, a daring bravo leading a caravan of Varisian wanderers, or an obsessed magic-user steeped in the lore of the sinister Thassilonian empire. New options for character backgrounds and campaign traits allow players to integrate their characters into any of the Adventure Paths set in Varisiasuch as the Rise of the Runelords or Shattered Star Adventure Pathlike never before. Varisia needs heroes, be one of them with the all-new format Pathfinder Player Companion: Varisia, Birthplace of Legends!

Price: 6.99
       (RRP is 7.99)