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Pathfinder Companion: Agents Of Evil

PAI9464 Pathfinder Companion: Agents Of Evil published by Paizo Publishing

PAI9464: Pathfinder Companion: Agents Of Evil is Out of Stock

Not every protagonist is a hero! Get the tools to carry out dark deeds for even darker employers in Pathfinder Player Companion: Agents of Evil! Sometimes player characters are less interested in defeating evil and making the world a better place, and more interested in working for the winning side, avoiding the consequences of bucking the system, and definitely getting paid! Inside this book you'll find discussions of what it means to carry out evil plans (especially for characters not themselves evil), new character options for PCs not squeamish about what patrons, gods, or other sources of power they call on, and equipment, magic items, and spells that will keep paladins from being willing to work with you!

Price: 8.49
       (RRP is 9.99)