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Pathfinder: Coliseum Morpheuon Setting

Pathfinder: Coliseum Morpheuon Setting

CB76800: Pathfinder: Coliseum Morpheuon Setting is on Sale

One hundred teams enter. One team leaves!

Explore the Chimeric Ampitheater, a complete setting and adventure for any campaign - guaranteed!

The Coliseum Morpheuon beckons your characters to travel the Realm of Dreams to enter a competition unlike any other. Set against the intrigue-laden setting of the Chimeric Ampitheater, the party will have to survive the contests in the arena - and because they happen in dreams, anything can and will happen! But more than that, they must learn to survive in the equally dangerous political atmosphere outside the Arena between fawning and manipulative patrons, rival slave team owners, vengeful monster trainers, and the ever mysterious and menacing Khan of Nightmares who controls all that happens within the Coliseum Morpheuon.

Coliseum Morpheuon is a legendary setting and adventure which can be dropped as-is in any campaign. Written by Clinton J. Boomer (Rpg Superstar finalist, Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Council of Thieves: The Infernal Syndrome) and Jonathan McAnulty (Kobold Quarterly: Ecology of the Froghemoth) with stunning artwork by Jason Rainville (To Kill or Not To Kill) and fantastic Cartography by Jonathan Roberts (Sea To Shore and Sunken Empires).

Price: 7.99
       (RRP is 19.99)