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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Southlands

KOBSL1001 Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Southlands published by Kobold Press

KOBSL1001: Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Southlands is Out of Stock

The Southlands: Realm of Mystery and Adventure!

Southlands Campaign Setting offers everything you need to have legendary adventures in a sprawling continent of wealthy desert empires, demon-haunted jungles, and vast savannahs where gnolls and werelions hunt.

This 300-page setting book includes:

  • New character options for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, with five new PC racesGnolls, Kijani, Nkosi, Tosculi and Trollkinplus seven minor races
  • New magic items and spells, from flying carpets to lotus magic and hieroglyph magic
  • New foes, perilous locations and deadly hazards, including the Orcs of the Green Abyss, the Corrupted Pyramid of Khensu, the Sorcerers of Nangui, and mummified monkey swarms
  • The many gods and demons of the Southlands: Anu-Akma , Ogun, Thoth-Hermes, Eshu, Set and more

    Here are enough kingdoms, treasures, monsters and adventure hooks to provide years of gaming in the deserts, jungles and tropical mountains. Use Southlands with the Midgard Campaign Setting, or bring its cities, lore, creatures, and characters to any campaign.

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