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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Ships Of The Inner Sea

PAI9274 Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Ships Of The Inner Sea published by Paizo Publishing

PAI9274: Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Ships Of The Inner Sea is Out of Stock

High Seas, High Adventure!

Not all adventures take place on landthe ships that sail the waters of the Inner Sea and surrounding oceans provide countless sources of excitement, plunder, and naval exploits. Whether the adventurers are simple passengers attacked by pirates or intrepid sailors running an enemy blockade, the ships presented in this book give Game Masters the tools they need to run fantastic adventures on the open sea.

Inside youll find seven unique ships, each with a captivating history, a detailed map with deck-by-deck descriptions, and backgrounds and statistics for the ships captain and crew. Whether theyre part of the Skulls & Shackles Adventure Path or a seaworthy campaign of your very own, the following vessels are sure to spice up any nautical adventure:

  • The Burnt Saffron, a slave galley said to have strange powers granted by Asmodeus in exchange for spreading slavery throughout the Inner Sea.
  • The Cetaceal, an Andoren ship serving the Gray Corsairs, the naval branch of the abolitionist Eagle Knights.
  • The Hu-Hazhong, a Tian junk from the distant Dragon Empires, traversing the waters of the Inner Sea with ambitions of lucrative trading.
  • The Impervious, a Chelish man-o-war carrying a contingent of merciless Hellknights and part of the blockade against Pezzack.
  • The Krakens Spite, a viking longship built from the wreckage of a doomed invasion fleet, now serving no king and calling no port home.
  • The Mark of Yunnarius, a ghost ship captained by a vengeful banshee, haunting the edge of the Eye of Abendego.
  • The Ravishing Ruby, a pirate ship with a ruthless captain intent on retrieving her stolen magical treasure map, no matter the cost.
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