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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Path Of The Hellknight

PAI9293 Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Path Of The Hellknight published by Paizo Publishing

Merciless, black armored enforcers, Hellknights care nothing for good or evil, only the orders absolute, unflinching vision of law. In Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Path of the Hellknight, youll join the ranks of the Pathfinder worlds harshest champions of order, knights tempered by ironclad discipline and the flames of Hell itself. Learn the ways of the Hellknights ruling oaths, their true ties to the legions of Hell, and more secrets of one of Pathfinders most fearsome organizations. Characters will also lay claim to the complete Hellknight arsenal, from terrifying battle arts and grim equipment to the secrets of masked signifiers battlefield magic. The Hellknights unstoppable might is yours to command, ready to impose orderwhatever the cost.

Price: 14.99
       (RRP is 17.99)