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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Treasures

PAI9275 Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Treasures published by Paizo Publishing

PAI9275: Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Treasures is Out of Stock

Lost and Found!

Treasure hunting isnt just a job. For the most passionate adventurers, its the thrill of finally holding a legendary item in your hand, or the flash of insight when you unravel the function of a mysterious magical object, that justifies risking life and limb. From powerful magical weapons like the Pale Maiden and Traitors Blade to items like the Beacon of the North and the Witchmarket Coin that carry you vast distances into uncharted realms, the best treasures capture an adventurers imagination. Now delve into the dragons hoard and discover for yourself some of the most exotic and sought-after items in the Pathfinder campaign setting.

Inside this book youll find dozens of marvelous treasures, as well as the tools to integrate them into any Pathfinder RPG adventure, including the treasure troves in which they rest. Whether youre looking for an item to serve as the seed of a new campaign, or simply want to surprise your players with new loot, Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Treasures delivers, including:

  • More than 40 legendary magical and mundane treasures, from the planar compasses known as astralabes to the dinosaur-controlling Zoic of the Primeval. Each item comes complete with game statistics, a full history, and plot hooks to help you place it into an ongoing campaign or make its discovery the cornerstone for new adventures.
  • Information on a dozen legendary treasure hoards hidden throughout the Inner Sea region and beyond.
  • New curses that can easily be applied to any item, guardian, or treasure trove, adding perilous potential to even the most mundane discovery.
  • Magical treasure chests with unique defenses and abilities, often as strange and valuable as the wonders they contain.
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