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Pathfinder #95: Giantslayer Chapter 5: Anvil Of Fire

PAI9095 Pathfinder #95: Giantslayer Chapter 5: Anvil Of Fire published by Paizo Publishing

Tracking down the Storm Tyrants fire giant allies, the heroes head for the elite military academy where the Storm Tyrant is training officers for his giant army, a subterranean dungeon complex beneath the caldera of a dormant volcano in the Mindspin Mountains. Facing off against the fire giant king Tytarian and his family, the heroes learn about the Storm Tyrants plans to invade Belkzen and lead an army of giants and orcs to conquer the nations of Avistan and gain valuable intelligence about the Storm Tyrants flying cloud castle and his top generals.

Anvil of Fire is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 13th-level characters. This adventure continues the Giantslayer Adventure Path, an epic campaign of classic sword & sorcery thrills. Several new monsters, details on the worship of the fire giant god Zursvaater, a look at volcanoes around Golarion and new volcanic-themed class options, and the next installment of the Pathfinders Journal written by Wendy N. Wagner round out this volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path!

Each monthly full-color softcover Pathfinder Adventure Path volume contains an in-depth adventure scenario, stats for several new monsters, and support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes use the Open Game License and work with both the Pathfinder RPG and the worlds oldest fantasy RPG.

No. of Players: 4 - 6

Levels: 13

Price: 12.99
       (RRP is 15.99)