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Origins Of The Specious

MGP6137 Origins Of The Specious published by Mongoose Publishing

MGP6137: Origins Of The Specious is on Sale

The Origin of the Specious is the perfect book to turn the corpse of Charles Darwin into a powerful turbine to solve the energy crisis, especially this year. It contains consolidated and expanded research into the minds and bodies of the many different breeds of gamer along with miscellanea about their habitats, habits and habitual flaws. The book further explores the related subspecies of online gamer and speculates about the future direction of gamer evolution perhaps giant, fleshy potatoes with the ability to poop dice?

Essential reading for gamers, gamer spouses, gamer family members and gamer victims provided both they and the gamers involved have a sense of humour.

Price: 1.99
       (RRP is 14.99)