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Only War RPG: No Surrender

FFGIG06 Only War RPG: No Surrender published by Fantasy Flight Games

FFGIG06: Only War RPG: No Surrender is on Sale

We have come to retake what belongs to the Emperor from those who dared to turn against him. Know that you serve a just and divine cause. Your faith in Him shall shield you from any attack. Preacher Wyatt Dreeble.

The courageous men and women of the Imperial Guard stand tall against the threats to mankind. In No Surrender, an adventure supplement for Only War, guardsmen serving in the Spinward Front must face the secessionist traitors, the Severan Dominate, whose forces have taken over the Lycurgos star fort, and are using it as a base for their treacherous deeds. In No Surrender, an expanded, three part adventure, you and your unit of guardsmen must work to reclaim this star fort for the Emperor!

Price: 14.99
       (RRP is 28.99)