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Ninja All-Stars Board Game: Clan Kistune Expansion

Ninja All-Stars Board Game: Clan Kistune Expansion

NJD010700: Ninja All-Stars Board Game: Clan Kistune Expansion is Out of Stock

Clan Kitsune is a clan expansion for Ninja All-Stars which contains enough miniatures to build a complete Kitsune-themed team. Clan boxes feature dynamic and unique sculpts for players favorite teams. They also introduce two powerful new troop types to players existing collections: large-sized Oni and a fearsome clan Hero.

Clan Kitsune are the mercurial mystics and and expert herbalists of the hallowed spirit trees of Kagejima. With access to an abundance of herbs and fungi found nowhere else in the world, they create and trade their remedies and poisons for the wares of other clans. Yet, in their cunning, they are keen to keep the most potent and arcane of their creations for themselves. Due to their whimsical and often wayward nature, many of the more stoic clans view the Kitsune as unreliable rogues, but their friends simply see them as wise tricksters.


  • 1 Kitsune Chunin
  • 3 Kitsune Kaiken
  • 3 Kitsune Yajiri
  • 2 Kitsune Oni
  • 2 Kitsune Kunoichi
  • 2 Kitsune Madoushi
  • 1 Tamamo No Mae Hero
  • 1 Clan Kitsune Reference Card
  • 1 Tamamo No Mae Reference Card
  • Price: 27.99
           (RRP is 34.99)