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Nights Black Agents RPG: The Zalozhniy Quartet

PELGN02 Nights Black Agents RPG: The Zalozhniy Quartet published by Pelgrane Press

The Zalozhniy Quartet is a series of four linked adventures from acclaimed RPG writer Gareth Hanrahan, and designed by Nights Black Agents creator Kenneth Hite.

This operation is a Bourne-style run and gun. It starts off as a conventional investigation, but rapidly becomes a lesson in why crossing the Lisky Bratva is a very bad idea. When an investigation goes wrong, the agents are pursued by Russian mafiya assassins. Their only hope of survival is to make it to the safe city of Vienna. Keep the pressure up at all times as you chase the agents across Eastern Europe. Make that red line on the map a trail of blood

The operation is divided into five smaller ops, each centred on a different city. Theyre linked in a chase across Eastern Europe in Running Hot.

  • Odessa, Ukraine! The agents work with Donald Caroll to investigate a smuggling ring in The Odessa Job. They break into a warehouse, where theyre ambushed by Lisky Bratva goons ambush them and force them to flee. Carolls assassinated by a zalozhniy, but he does give the agents the location of his safehouse in Vienna. If they get to Vienna, theyll be safe. The road to Vienna leads through Tiraspol.
  • Tiraspol, Transnistria! A country run by gangsters, and one of the biggest markets for illegal weapons in the world. The Lisky Bratva arent in charge here if the agents can convince the local warlords to give them safe passage, they can get ahead of their pursuers. In Transnistrian Nights, the agents must sabotage a soccer stars debut to win the favor of a criminal gang leader. He points them at the Lisky Bratvas operations in Transylvania, and at a young journalist in Debrecen.
  • Transylvania, Romania! Why are the Lisky Bratva shipping people to an isolated village in the middle of Transylvania? And what happens when the agents get involved? Shadow of the Vampire brings the agents to an ancient monastery where they come face to face with the Conspiracy. If the agents survive this optional detour, they come away with vital intelligence about the vampires.
  • Debrecen, Hungary! The Lisky Bratva trade guns and girls for heroin and cash in this post-Soviet city. In The Debrecen Gambit, the agents learn that a journalist, Agi Kozorus, knows about the Lisky Bratvas operations in the city. After tracking her down and rescuing her from assassins, Kozorus gives the agents two potential targets a human trafficking slave camp and a vital drug deal. Hitting either hurts the Lisky Bratva and reduces the forces chasing the agents.
  • Vienna, Austria! Viennas neutral territory in the criminal underworld. Once the agents are inside Vienna itself, the Lisky Bratva dare not touch them. All the agents have to do is make The Vienna Run - the gauntlet of those last few miles.
  • Price: 17.99
           (RRP is 20.99)