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Nights Black Agents RPG: The Thrill Of Dracula

PELGN11 Nights Black Agents RPG: The Thrill Of Dracula published by Pelgrane Press

From the first medieval atrocity stories about Vlad the Impaler to Bram Stokers immortal novel to the most recent Universal blockbusters, The Thrill of Dracula zooms through centuries of blood, bats, and ballet? to bring you the most complete look at the Counts story ever! See Dracula take on not just Van Helsing but Batman, Blade, Buffy, Billy the Kid and Abbott and Costello! Read the occult mysteries behind Nosferatu, and untangle the shifting time and space of the Hammer Dracula series! Follow Dracula into space, and into Spanish!

The Thrill of Dracula includes:

  • The first Dracula legends, from dancing dead men to the garden of the hanged
  • The foundation pieces of the novel and the myth: characters, settings, tropes and story beats
  • Plots and reviews of 40 movies, including every Dracula film from Universal and Hammer Films and how they too have added to the Dracula mythology
  • Price: 7.49
           (RRP is 8.99)