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Nights Black Agents RPG: ED-01 Basic Field Manual

PELGN08 Nights Black Agents RPG: ED-01 Basic Field Manual published by Pelgrane Press

Youre on the inside now. You know what must be done to defend Queen and Country, to defend everything weve built, everything we stand for. You deserve access to the innermost sanctum, and this is your key the EDOM FIELD MANUAL. It will tell you everything you need to know about Operation Edom what we do, how we do it, and what were working towards. It will also teach you how to handle our special assets, and how to put them down if they go rogue.

For more than a century, the top-secret operation within MI6 codenamed Edom has defended the United Kingdom from the machinations of the Un-Dead. This book describes the operations history, methods, and tradecraft, initiating you into the innermost secrets of the British vampire program.

The Edom Field Manual stands alone as a guide to a vampire hunting program. Combine it with the other books in the Dracula Dossier series for insight into Edom its machinations.

Price: 11.99
       (RRP is 13.99)