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New God of Mankind RPG: Fate's Handbook

DSK002 New God of Mankind RPG: Fate's Handbook published by Dark Skull Studios

DSK002: New God of Mankind RPG: Fate's Handbook is on Sale

Godhood awaits you.

Within the Spirit Realm gods bicker and duel over ideas and followers in the Courtyard of Fate and the Celestial Spheres. Spirits groan and appeal to Fate for release to their final destination in the Celestial Gardens. Escaped demons lie low, on the run from the Grapplers of Fate and vengeful deities making their way to earth. Leviathans plan their next attack in the Veil of Dreams or hidden places of the Known World. Fate watches over this with a stoic face of ageless wisdom.

On the Known World, elder races clash with one another seeking vengeance, new wealth, and territories for their people. Demons stalk the wilderness and cities looking to possess mortal creatures or turn them to their will. Leviathans hunt the shadows of the lands, seeking fresh victims for their reign of terror. Mankind rises up from its cradle to form new societies and gods.

Price: 1.99
       (RRP is 11.99)