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Monte Cook Presents: The Year's Best d20

WW16133 Monte Cook Presents: The Year's Best d20 published by White Wolf Publishing

The sheer volume of d20 System products with small print runs and low profiles makes it impossible to find out about them all, let alone read them all. That's where The Year's Best d20 comes in, presenting the best of what the industry has to offer.

A Sourcebook for v3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying

  • Compiled and introduced by 3rd Edition co-designer Monte Cook from a thorough examination of products released in 2004, The Year's Best d20 is an invaluable reference and campaign treasure trove.
  • A unique collection of spells, equipment, classes and feats attracts players looking for the best.
  • Also includes plenty of monsters, variant rules and much more for game masters looking to explore the d20 System's flexibility.
  • Price: 10.49
           (RRP is 11.99)