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Monstercology: Orcs

GMG3100 Monstercology: Orcs published by Goodman Games

GMG3100: Monstercology: Orcs is on Sale

They thrive live in the shadow-lands. Where we are weak, the orcs are cruel. When we offer mercy, they give no quarter. They howl at the border of our kingdoms, raze our villages, and slaughter our people. And when the last city falls into burning ruin, the orcs will stand victorious, their grisly war-banners and bloody spears raised in triumph.

The first in a series of master tomes that illuminate the strengths and weakness of the foes that prey upon the kingdoms of good, Monstercology: Orcs brings mankinds oldest enemy to light.

Know thine enemy: Monstercology.

Price: 1.99
       (RRP is 16.99)