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Modern War Magazine #30: Operation Enduring Freedom

DCGMW30 Modern War Magazine #30: Operation Enduring Freedom published by Decision Games

DCGMW30: Modern War Magazine #30: Operation Enduring Freedom is Out of Stock

In September 2001 the United States launched the Global War on Terror. One of the first targets in the conflict was Afghanistan. Known as Operation Enduring Freedom, this campaign would create an entirely new form of warfare.

Other Articles: Operation Kavkaz - Soviet Military Presence in Egypt, 1970-1972: After their stunning loss in the Six-Day War, Egypt needed to rebuild and retrain their military. The Egyptian president reached out to the Soviet Union for assistance, leading to Operation Kavkaz. The Uncertain Future of the Aircraft Carrier: Aircraft carriers have been the primary measure of naval strength for the last 75 years. Whether that will continue long into the future is open to question. Global Terrorism, Insurgency, and Guerrilla Warfare in the 21st Century: An examination of asymmetrical and unconventional warfare in the 21st century and their origins from 20th century conflicts.

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