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I Am Zombie RPG: Field Guide

MBG001 I Am Zombie RPG: Field Guide published by Make Believe Games

MBG001: I Am Zombie RPG: Field Guide is Out of Stock

The world is poised at the brink of an abyss. The final outbreak is coming. You are outcast and leper... and highly contagious.

Enter the Toxic world of I AM ZOMBIE a dramatic new kind of storytelling RPG for 2+ players.

I Am Zombie Field Manual hardback, 288 pages; zombie survival guide and world book. A book for all the clueless Toetags out there who are strugglingas we didto survive that desperate first year of half-life. It includes:

  • Briefing materials on strains, cartels, and rackets (the type of characters available to play), plus the secret history of the Plagueborn.
  • A global overview of the world and its transit routes, hospices, and Hellholes, with eight (8) pages of maps (everything from Detroit to Dubai).
  • Detailed information on electronic surveillance and quarantines.
  • Advice on how to get offand stay offthe grid.
  • A comprehensive chapter on human threats, focusing on BLEACH protocols, equipment, and techniques.
  • Explicit information on the effects of serums and drugs, from Strontium 90 to Brainz.
  • Price: 23.99
           (RRP is 27.99)