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Huh Card Game

FRD102114 Huh Card Game published by FRED Distribution

FRD102114: Huh Card Game is on Sale

HUH? is a game in which confusing others can make you the winner! During the game, players attempt to describe movies, famous people, or characters in unusual and entertaining ways. Speak, act, sing -- whatever you do, the goal is to have the fewest number of players possible understand what you are talking about! The fewer players who catch on, the better the score - but at least one person must figure out your clues. Be careful not to say too much and keep an eye on which players might have caught on so that you know when to stop!


  • 113 - "Huh?" Cards
  • 4 - Number of Player Cards
  • 1 - Pad of Score Sheets
  • 1 - One-Minute Timer
  • 1 - Set of Rules
  • No. of Players: 3 - 17

    Duration: 30 minutes

    Min. Age: 10

    Price: 10.99
           (RRP is 21.99)