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Hillfolk RPG: Blood On The Snow

PELD02 Hillfolk RPG: Blood On The Snow published by Pelgrane Press

PELD02: Hillfolk RPG: Blood On The Snow is Out of Stock

Kick your mastery of Robin D. Laws DramaSystem, the roleplaying game of epic interpersonal conflict, into high gear, with this essential companion volume. A fervent crowd of backers demanded it, and here it is an imagination-stretching compendium of DramaSystem insights and ideas.

Youll need Hillfolk, the original book of DramaSystem roleplaying, to enjoy Blood on the Snow.

Blood on the Snow contains:

  • LARP rules from Emily Care Boss. Take the drama off the couch and up onto its feet with two live action applications. Play richer and bolder live characters than ever before.
  • DramaSystem MasterClass. A fierce vanguard of early adopters expands the margins of the game. Unlock its prequel potential. Free your scene calling. Tune to single session play.

    Also by popular demand, we present a veritable deluge of character, setting and genre from 33 top gaming talents, from the gurus of today to the shapers of tomorrow.

  • Dive with dolphins, flee genetic persecution, or rule a fantasy city.
  • Explore histories alternate and accurate.
  • Find out how DramaSystem provides the ideal vehicle for science fictions idea-driven tradition.
  • Price: 16.49
           (RRP is 19.99)