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Fragged Empire RPG: Adventure 3 Alien Flame

Fragged Empire RPG: Adventure 3 Alien Flame

MUH050491: Fragged Empire RPG: Adventure 3 Alien Flame is on Pre-Order

The galaxy is becoming less mysterious every day. Corporation scientists are unravelling the secrets of the worlds while the Palantor unlock incredible new technologies. It has become rare to encounter something that science simply cannot explain - yet the Twi-Far have. The Faren, strange beings of pure energy, make up one half of the Twi-Far pairing, but no one really knows where they came from or what they are doing here.

When the Twi-Far research vessel, The Flame unexpectedly veers off course and heads directly for pirate territory, the scientist Elidrav fears the worst. It will take a swift and cunning team to track down The Flame and bring it back before the pirates snatch it away. But what exactly were the scientists aboard The Flame researching, and why did it so suddenly change course?

Solving these mysteries will put the PCs face-to-face with deadly secrets, fierce pirates, and innumerable twists and turns. Will the PCs prevail, or will their actions put the entire Twi-Far race at risk?

Price: 12.49
       (RRP is 14.99)