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11th November 2017

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Fragged Empire RPG: Adventure 1 Let Sleeping Gods Lie

Fragged Empire RPG: Adventure 1 Let Sleeping Gods Lie Details and Review

The crew of 'The Ransom' is hired by a Corp contact to salvage the remains of a living Nephilim Warship which recently floated out of the Monopoly Asteroid Belt. The characters are racing against a rival who they've tangled with before. The first to get to the ship gets it and the valuable salvage promised. But ancient warships are not to be trifled with, and this one isn't dead, merely hibernating. It wants the PCs to become its new crew so that it might fulfill its 100 year-old mission to destroy a weapons platform in the Haven System. The only problem is that weapons platform is now a thriving colony.

Welcome to the introductory adventure for Fragged Empire. This free form scenario is just one possible adventure the characters can undertake in the Fragged Empire universe. This mission is designed around some of the core themes of the book: post-post-apocalypse, ancient tech and interspecies communications. An Adventure Suitable for Characters with 3-5 Current Resources.

GL Price: 8.49        (RRP is 9.99)

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