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Firefly RPG: Smugglers Guide To The Rim

MWP7022 Firefly RPG: Smugglers Guide To The Rim published by Margaret Weis Productions

MWP7022: Firefly RPG: Smugglers Guide To The Rim is Out of Stock

Doin crime right under the Alliances nose can be a mite tricky, which is why you need a copy of the SMUGGLERS GUIDE TO THE RIM. This handy tome expands the Verse in the Blue Sun and Kalidasa Systems by introducing secret trade routes, places to hide your loot, and new game rules to build your reputation. Whats more, there are twelve brand new archetypes inspired by the allegiances youll hold and shiny new ships, too. Designed for players and Firefly fans alike, SMUGGLERS GUIDE TO THE RIM is perfect for criminals, Browncoats, or purple-bellies! To top it all off, this supplement includes All in the Familya brand new Episode written by NYT best-selling author Margaret Weis! The FIREFLY RPG is required to use this supplement.

Price: 25.99
       (RRP is 30.99)