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Fate RPG: Interface Zero 2.0

GGPIZF01 Fate RPG: Interface Zero 2.0 published by Gun Metal Games

GGPIZF01: Fate RPG: Interface Zero 2.0 is Out of Stock

Full Metal Cyberpunk action, now for the Fate game system!

Youre hanging from the summit of a mile-high skyscraper, your cybernetic claws holding you in place while gunfire shatters the windows around you and a computer virus burns its way through your brain. When your network link to the rest of your team goes offline, youre sure of one thing: You should have charged the client double for this mission.

Interface Zero: Fate Edition has all the rules you need for cyberpunk action and adventure in the megacities and wastelands of the 2090s. Inside this book youll find hackers, drone pilots, cyborgs, androids, cybermonks, human/animal hybrids, psychics, cybernetic implants, guns, armor, vehicles, agile powered armor and massive war robots. Pre-built aspects, occupations, and archetypes jump-start your game, and a flexible wealth system lets you get rich or die trying. Whether youre a sprawl-crawling scavenger or an elite hyperchrome soldier, your tools and tech are all here in Interface Zero.

Price: 28.49
       (RRP is 33.99)