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Fall Blau: Army Group South June To December 1942

COM130 Fall Blau: Army Group South June To December 1942 published by Compass Games

The 1942 campaigns of Army Group South. The game uses the Victory in the West chit-pull system for determining strengths of certain units and provides a limited fog of war. This is a monster game with few rules and medium complexity that provides a fun, challenging experience. A game for anyone interested in the East Front of World War 2.

Each turn covers 3 days of action, therefore, each scenario breaks battles off into smaller pieces for shorter playtime. Scale is just over 10km (6.5 miles) per hex and basic units are divisions, with Soviet corps, brigades, and tank battalions, as needed. Order of Battle from various sources, largely from the works of David Glantz, and fine tuned to give a reasonably accurate flow to the campaign.

Three maps (22"x34") with two smaller extensions (13"x9",22"x25") run from Kursk toward Baku across the diagonal. There are a few extra German divisions available as options. The Eleventh Armee can be kept from going to Leningrad and sent to help capture the oilfields as an option. Free setup options are available and automatic victory goals based on Hilter's whim...

No. of Players: 1 - 2

Duration: 60 to 2700 minutes

Price: 109.99
       (104.49 after automatic discount!, RRP is 119.99)

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